Thursday, March 03, 2016

our school year: HCPA '15-'16

August 2015

i hope you all are having a great school year! yes, i am sorry if this is confusing, it is definitely March and we are closer to the end of the school year than we are to the beginning...but for my own record-keeping sake, i want to pop in here and share an update on our 2015-2016 school year. grace for the haphazard blogger, por favor.  

our homeschool routine is in full swing. the local isd is taking spring break next week but not us- as usual we will wait a few weeks when most students are back in school and then we will take a little time off. both kids want to finish at the same time or before public school finishes, so they can enjoy summer with their friends. i love the flexibility to set our own schedule and go at our own pace. homeschooling is definitely still working for us!

this year at HCPA (Hall College Prep Academy), Big Girl (age 11) is in 6th grade, and Bubba (age 7) is in 3rd grade. this is our seventh year of homeschooling. in the fall, both kids took three classes at our local homeschool co-op. the co-op meets once a week and offers both academic and extra-curricular classes. this spring, however, we did not re-enroll in the co-op. even though the co-op was fun and we made some great friends, we really need that extra week day to focus on our school work. sixth grade math is no joke! her workload definitely increased this year and we need more time in our week to do it well. it was a tough decision but every one was in agreement that this semester off would be best.

our curriculum choices for 2015-2016
Big Girl's 6th Grade Year:Math- Saxon Math 7/6, Khan Academy lessons
English- BJU Writing & Grammar English 6
Reading- independent reading
Science- BJU Science 6
Bible- daily devotionals and memory verses
History- Story of the World: The Middle Ages Vol. 2
Other- weekly dance class, 4x/week martial arts

Bubba's 3rd Grade Year:Math- Saxon Math 3, Khan Academy lessons
English- BJU Writing & Grammar English 3
Reading- independent reading
Handwriting- HWT Cursive Writing
History- Story of the World: Ancient Times Vol. 1
Science- BJU Science 3
Bible- Jesus Calling and memory verses
Other- weekly dance class, 4x/week martial arts, soccer

previous years' curriculum choices here: 2009-2010
2010-2011 (the year we went hybrid)

i totally love getting to hang out with (and teach) these cool kids of mine! //grin// #proudmama

happy spring, bunnies!