Wednesday, October 26, 2016

around here lately // 💖 october

i just love this time of year! all the emoji hearts and praise hands for october! this month is reward and relief from a long, hot summer and the busy back to school bustle. now we can breathe crisp cool air, wrap up in a cardigan, watch acorns fall and leaves change colors, and get excited about the holiday season ahead. plus it's my birthday month so byaay! october is my happy place! 

some of my october highlights:

i drink from this mug year round but it feels extraordinarily special having coffee with Sally and Jack in october! 

 super fun birthday party zumba class! my face is "did you take the picture yet?" 

hello my name is BIRTHDAY GIRL

my birthday morning with bubba. after we dropped haile off at school we hit up the 'bucks drive thru. i had a giant drip coffee. he had a sugar skull decorated cookie. #treatyoself

hubs surprised me and had our 40 year old piano tuned! this is in process, it was so strange to see it gutted and disassembled. it was back and good as new within a couple of days. it sounds so incredible now! i completely escape reality when i'm playing the piano. 

birthday dinner! they are the greatest gifts!  

still thinking about this cupcake... and this special night with my fam. ;) they are the most fun. 

howdy folks, welcome to the State Fair of Texas! gorgeous day at the fairgrounds. one of my favorite october traditions! bubba rode the Ferris wheel for the first time, both kids won big on the midway, we had world famous corndogs, saw the Taylor Swift museum exhibit, and did all the fun things.

picture perfect chai at my favorite coffeehouse

brunch squad!

and then this happened...

💖 my lion tattoo! mike goes to our church and has a pretty cool testimony.

Stohall date night! good friends, good times, as always.

of course i had to have these adorable cookies made! birthday dessert favors to commemorate my new ink :) roar! 

someone else had a birthday this month: Belle! this cute puppy is a year old now.

ha ha ha...halloween.

and that is some of what is going on around here lately! see why i love october?! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

curated: good stuff

hey hey it's my birthday! just for fun today i'm sharing some of the good stuff i've found around the internet lately. click around my collection of good...enjoy!

// FRIENDSHIP IS GOOD. the deepest need of the human heart is friendship. not acquaintances or facebook likes or instagram followers, but real, true friendship. i nodded my head in agreement reading how to know when someone is a true friend and how to be a true friend.  

// ENCOURAGEMENT IS GOOD. need a power punch of God-inspired encouragement? click over to Crystal Sparks' YouTube page for some good, biblical, encouraging words! she is wise and speaks truth in love!

// GOD IS GOOD. my sweet friend Britta is also curating the good, literally. every day this month in her series #CuratingTheGood she digs deep into God's word to explore His goodness. it's a beautiful, thoughtful series!

// SUCCESS IS GOOD. success looks different for each of us, because our goals are all different. this article is based on a study that found 12 common habits of people who are considered successful. very simple habits to help us all reach our personal goals and attain "success."

// DESSERT IS GOOD. i have shared this before! Shauna Niequist's Blueberry Crisp is my all time favorite go-to baked dessert recipe. i love it for so many reasons - it's healthy, it's easy, i usually have all the ingredients, everyone in my family likes it, and most of all it is DELICIOUS! i think i'll make it tonight. eat it warm straight out of the oven, or cold the next morning with your coffee...yum! PS: read her book Bread & Wine.

do good! feel good! be the good! 
have a good day!