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family road trip tips 🚗

we are roadtrippers. we have been loading up the kids and our luggage and hitting the highways since our kids were tiny babies. long stretches of roads, truck stop snacks, gas station bathrooms, obscure sightseeing, audio books, custom-made playlists, endless games of "i spy"...we LOVE road tripping! some of our favorite destinations include Matagorda, Wichita Falls, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas, and we also love driving further, to New Mexico, Colorado, and Arkansas!

our family has made many memories on road trips! in the spirit of summer family road tripping, here is a guest post with ideas for keeping kids entertained en route. 

Must Haves For Kid Entertainment While Traveling

Tired of being asked, “Are we there yet?” No worries, we have you covered with nine can’t-miss suggestions for road trips with the kiddos.

// 1 – A Few Good Books
Time in the car does not need to be time wasted. It's a perfect time for older children to catch up or finish their favorite chapter books, and a great opportunity for younger children to brush up and hone their budding reading abilities. A local library or used book store is a useful resource to find books. Used books can even be donated along the way after being enjoyed. If your child enjoys the tech life, it may be worth it to invest in services like Amazon Kindle Unlimited which offer thousands of titles accessible on many different devices.

// 2 – Embrace Your Inner Artist
Even if you think you can’t draw, everyone has their own creative gifts. Providing children with colored paper and fun colored pencils may do the trick, but there are other options. Consider bringing scented markers and glitter pens to make drawing even more fun. To avoid messes, a travel tray may be a worthy investment.

// 3 – Car Games
Many of us grew up playing the state license plate or “I Spy” games to pass the time in the car. There’s no reason these old favorites can’t be enjoyed now. To spice things up, consider adding in trivia, songs, and even card games.

// 4 – Food, Food, Food
Eating is a source of entertainment and can occupy at least a few moments of a restless child’s time. Bringing a bag full of fun options is always a crowd pleaser. Let the kids make their own trail mix with an assortment of granola, dried fruit, chocolate chips, and mixed nuts. A cooler with ice and a wide variety of drinks is also a must.

// 5 – Trip Planning
Make your kids active participants in the trip by involving them in planning the route, stops, points of interest, and meal breaks. A family road trip planner is a great tool to help your kids become interested in the journey and pinpoints neat places to see along all the major routes of the United States. Make it a game and allow each child to plan a day or half day, as time permits. They get to choose the pit stops or points of interest, for example a neat place to eat lunch in San Antonio as well as visiting the city’s riverwalk.

// 6 – Podcasts and Books on Tape
Podcasts are most commonly associated with topics like technology, business, and self-improvement, but there are also podcasts that will entice and entertain your children. If you won’t have a steady WiFi connection during your trip, download some podcasts on your tablet, phone, or computer. Those lucky enough to have satellite radio can just tune into their favorite stations. Audio books can be found through Kindle, Apple Store, Android Stores, and Nooks.

// 7 – Music
Anyone who has ever been on a road trip knows good music makes the time fly. For your kids, the radio station, KidzBop will be sure to please. Offering a variety of hits with a few Disney favorites thrown in there, your kids will be rocking out in no time. This station can be accessed on virtually any device and offers limited commercial interruptions. For the AM/FM traditionalists, there are plenty of local radio stations offering kid-friendly broadcasts.

// 8 – Movies and TV shows
Allowing the kids to indulge in their favorite movies or TV shows while on the road is a sweet treat. You can score some great second-hand movies at thrift stores and online or simply download a few flicks on your smart device.

// 9 – Keep it Movin’
Sitting for long periods of time is hard on anyone, but especially for little ones. It’s a good idea for everyone’s physical and mental health to get up and move around. Make a plan to take a small stop every hour to let everyone stretch their legs. Consider having a small roadside dance party or even download some simple exercise routines for a family on the go.

A long or short car trip can be a trying time for any family, but with these simple ideas it is possible to make it better for everyone. So be safe and enjoy the journey!

this is a guest post from Maggie!
Maggie is a writer/contributor for She has an educational background in science and liberal arts, both of which have proved beneficial in her academic research and technical writing specialities. She lives in Southcentral Pennsylvania with her dog, Loki and writes romance novels in her spare time.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

loving lately: 8 things for hair & skin

back in january i shared 7 products for hair and skin that i was using and loving. update: still using and still loving! with one exception: the vitamins. i loved them! but something was off about the dosage and i'm still trying to figure that out - what my body needs and how much - it's a science! in the meantime, i have found some more hair and skin care products that are working for me! happy to pass along my recommendations to you!


1 // Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Hair Tint this was such a fun sporadic find (Target) and it actually worked like it said it would. it gave my hair a subtle rosy glow! it was actually barely noticeable except in certain lighting, which i loved. i also love that it's temporary - perfect for a special occasion or just a fun thing to do for a weekend.  

2 // Tula Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm so refreshing! it's like a moisturizing, highlighting balm that makes my eyes feel cool and awake! i use it under/before makeup, in the mornings about once a week or as needed. i've heard you can also use it over your makeup if your eyes need a quick pick me up. i love this stuff!

3 // Thayer's Witch Hazel favorite toner! love the way it makes my skin feel so clean and fresh. i usually get the unscented kind, but i just bought the Coconut Water with Aloe. i was feeling adventurous! 

4, 5, and 6 // YL Frankincense oil, Health Priority Vitamin E oil, and Naturmetic Hydrating & Brightening Serum i use all 3 of these together! once a day, after i shower and wash my face (i use Naturmetics daily and YL Mint Scrub 2x/wk, followed by WH), the first thing i do is apply this oil combo. it is working WONDERS on my skin! in my palm, i mix 1 drop of Frankincense oil*, 1 full dropper of Naturmetic, and 2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil. i rub my hands together to mix the oils, and then i pat on my face all over. my skin has been so clear, even toned, and i've even noticed an improvement in the texture! so so so good - i feel like my skin CRAVES these oils now! *i only add the Frank to the combo once a week bc i figured out that my skin is too sensitive to use it daily* 

7 and 8 // SILK18 Shampoo and Conditioner makes my hair feel amazing! i have thick color treated hair that is prone to dryness, so my hair needs fewer chemicals and more moisturizer and this is it! the conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable, with body, but not heavy or weighed down, which is a hard balance to find! love that it's free of icky harmful chemicals. and it smells great, too!

ta-da! eight beauty products i'm loving lately! 

here they all are with links (not sponsored, not affiliate) just click on the image:


remember, the most beautiful thing about you is your heart! unfading beauty comes from trusting God with a gentle and quiet spirit, according to 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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have a beautiful day!

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