Thursday, June 16, 2016

for heart + for health

// declare conference: i have a very special place in my heart for this annual event and the community of women who come together to use their voices, platforms, and online presence to share the Good News of the gospel. Declare is to equip, grow, and connect so that we can be effective digital evangelists, pointing newsfeed scrollers to truth and Jesus. there are only a handful of tickets available, and we have been praying for each woman who God sends.
"do you understand what you're reading?" Philip asked the eunuch who was reading Isaiah.the eunuch replied, "how in the world can i, unless someone guides me?" (Acts 8:27-31, paraphrased)

// she reads truth: i love reading devotionals and commentaries and personal testimonies, but studying the bible is my absolute favorite. reading line by line, digging deeper for context and history, maps, timelines, etymology, and metaphors! so naturally, i'm a fan of bible studies and reading plans. the SRT study guides are thorough but also prompt deeper introspective thinking. the can be done independently or with a small group. and the workbooks they produce are GORGEOUS.

// manda carpenter: do you know manda? she doesn't know me but she is one of the best reads in my inbox. she's an encourager who loves Jesus and is simply sharing her story. she's authentic. i dig authenticity. we have stuff in common and i relate to her. often i'll read something she's written and think to myself MANDA YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY HEART. "I believe there isn’t a single person you would not love if you knew their story." -Manda Carpenter

// young living essential oils: i found this old wooden Coke crate at an antique shop and i LOVE it as my oil shelf! currently in my diffuser: lemongrass + orange + grapefruit. clean, citrus, fresh! smells like summer! i use lavender + coconut oil on my skin daily, patchouli or joy or stress away for perfume, and thieves household cleaning, sanitizing spray, and on the bottoms of barefeet for whole body healing. we are a YLEO-loving home for sure.

// kimberly snyder: another one of my favorites in my inbox, she a nutritionist with a holistic approach to health and beauty from the inside out. the Glowing Green Smoothie® is amazing- i try to make a pitcher of it every monday and drink a glass every day. easy way to get my daily dose of greens, it's delicious, and it makes me feel so good! she has awesome tips, resources, and recommendations for natural, healthy living. look at her instagram feed with all that clean food! nom! "you actually have so much control over your is rooted from the inside out with not only what you are eating, but also includes the impact that your emotions, thoughts and spiritual health have." -Kimberly Snyder

// beachbody: as a beachbody coach, i have the opportunity to lead others towards a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness. having a healthy relationship with food and exercise - finding the balance between extreme/idolatry/obsession and lackadaisical/naivety/uninformed - is really important to me. beachbody provides the structure, guidance, and foundation for finding that balance, understanding how our bodies work with food, and helping others develop a healthy lifestyle. i'm part of a massive community of people who are striving towards living their best, healthiest life. plus! being a coach gets me discounts on workout programs, Shakeology, and let's not forget my five milliseconds of fame in the CIZE infomercial ;)  

// prayfit: fitness and nutrition is a big part of my life, yes. but first, Jesus. my heart belongs to Him, not to the gym ;) prayfit daily devotionals focus on bodily stewardship, encouraging us toward health and fitness, but above all, a personal relationship with Christ. there is a membership option that unlocks a plethora of resources including recipes, workouts, and small group curriculum. "life is not about bodyfat and muscle tone. it's about where our hearts are at and His grace eat right, train hard, but don't forget your purpose. God sees your heart and not what's on the surface." -Jimmy Pena

// zumba: i adore this photo taken the morning of 12/5 when Rox and i were certified to teach happy! what do you think of when you hear the word zumba? for me, zumba is a magical combination of dance, fitness, fun music, and friends. i am blessed to be able to co-teach a zumba fitness / cardio dance with her twice every week. how much fun to be able to start any given weekday morning with a dance party with friends!?!

// rodan + fields: i'm so freshly into this right now. it might contradict my all-natural-from-the-inside-out approach? but i have so much love for makeup and skincare products, so whatever. i feel like R+F is the grown up girl's Proactiv, which i've been using regularly for years. but i figure it's prime time to up my facial game! i got the redefine regimen and woah i love the way it makes my skin feel and look! i use it 2x daily and i would say within the first week i could see a difference in my skin: brighter, fewer lines, and smoother. i also use the R+F mineral powder enhancement and it has completely replaced my other foundation. it has SPF! i plan to try the unblemish regimen next.

how are you investing in your heart and in your health? 


Friday, May 27, 2016

around here lately // learning and living

school | Haile pushed herself and worked really hard and finished 6th grade in the first week in May. Josh still has another month or so, but i'm working with him to finish up. mama's ready for summer! oh, and hubs finished school and got his PhD! f i n a l l y ! dr. hall in da' house! okay not that kind of doctor, but still cool. we are so proud of him! and grateful to have him home more often now :)

swimming | hubs cleaned the swamp in our backyard and now it's a respectable swimming pool! as soon as we could see the bottom of the pool, the kids dropped everything, put on their suits, and jumped in. swimming is practically a daily thing now. #fun

declare | this is the time of year when we're pulling together the final details for declare. it's undoubtedly a labor of love, definitely something i can only do by the grace and guidance of God, and only for the purpose of glorifying Him. i saw this sign in a shop on the square and i've been praying it constantly for declare 2016: "oh Lord fill us with Your Spirit; guide us by Your presence. we sing Your praises; how we need You God"

proverbs | my friend and i are studying Proverbs via together. i'm loving it. it's interesting how we're reading through it- not verse by verse but taking the entire book apart and reading the verses by topics. the overall theme of course is wisdom, which, can't we all use some more of?! soaking it in.

grove collaborative | have you heard of grove collaborative? it's an online store for natural, beauty, personal care, and household products. last month i ordered a gorgeous glass spray bottle and a natural all purpose surface cleaning solution, a reusable water bottle with a filter, some beautiful new dishcloths (obsessed), and these nifty compostable baggies! so handy for when i'm prepping fruits and veggies and want to contain the scraps for composting. highly recommend grove collaborative!

learning | when i claimed the word "strength" as my word for the year, i had no idea what God was going to do with it. it turns out that in order to find godly strength, i'm having to confront my weaknesses head on (ouch) and admit my complete and utter dependence on the Lord. and then i come to the realization that my strength comes from him. my relationship with Christ, my reliance on His grace, strengthens me. ugh it is hard. but i'm learning. i am so incredibly weak on my own.