Tuesday, August 02, 2011

HCPA '11-'12 Curriculum

the countdown has begun! the first day of school at HCPA is August 30. Big Girl is starting 2nd grade and Bubba is beginning preschool/pre-Kinder. this is our third year of homeschooling Big Girl, and Bubba's first "official" year.

we are still in the early years of homeschooling, and i like that we can explore different curriculums to adapt to learning styles and development stages. (you can read about what we used for Big Girl's Kindergarten and 1st Grade year.)

this will be our first year using a modified work box system, and i will update on that next week when the NBTS Blog Hop focuses on School Rooms. 

Big Girl's 2nd Grade Year:
Reading- A Beka 2nd Grade Readers, supplemented with 200 Words Your Child Will Read by the End of Grade 2, and lots of library trips
Handwriting- Happy Handwriting Scriptures
Spelling- A Beka Spelling and Poetry 2, and weekly vocabulary words from My First Dictionary
Science- Elementary Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics, and Chemistry (Tom DeRosa and Carolyn Reeves), plus hands-on science experiments, Space and The Planets Activity Book, and caring for our class pet!
Health- A Beka Health, Safety & Manners 2
Bible- Bible Study Fellowship every Wednesday, daily devotionals, CSI Walking With God and His People 2, and ABC Scripture memorization.
History/GeographyA Beka Our America Grade 2, supplemented with Landmark Flashcards, and Usborne Children's Picture Atlas
Art & Music- open-ended, child-guided, with some help from A Beka Art Projects 2
Physical Education- gymnastics and golf lessons, plus lots of bike riding, playground fun, and neighborhood walks.

Bubba's Preschool Year:
he is going to preschool two days a week. at home, we are using miscellaneous books and workbooks to teach numbers and letter formation. i have a lot of puzzles, manipulatives, and games for my little busy boy. he has his own workboxes and will be included in a lot of Big Girl's lessons. some of my favorite ideas for "HCPA Tot School" come from 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 Tot School and No Time for Flashcards

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