Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Our '09-'10 Curriculum

after countless hours of research, planning, and readiness prep, and mucho, mucho prayer, i am pleased to announce that WE HAVE A PLAN!

it's a relief [such a relief] to know what we're doing and when.

we even named our homeschool (just for fun, it's not required or anything.) this fall, Big Girl is beginning Kindergarten at Hall College Prep Academy for the Gifted and Talented. the HCPA mascot is the Hawk (known for being smart, keenly aware, stable, communicative, assertive, and gentle birds that soar beautifully), and our school colors are Purple, Gold and Crimson.

i'm so excited. can we start school now?! no, because i even divised a school calendar, and according to it, Big Girl's 1st day of school is August 20.

and here's what we're studying:

Math- Saxon Math 1, supplemented with Hello Kitty Time & Money, Hands on Math (Janet Stone), and Let's Grow Smart workbooks

Reading- Explode the Code books 1 & 2, supplemented with School House First Words workbooks and A Beka's My Blend and Word Book

Science- Our Father's World

Character- "Daily Character Education Activities" by Becky Daniel-White

Bible- Daily Bible reading and prayer time, "Bible Crafts for Christian Kids" by Laurie Knowlton, and reading+discussion from Keys for Kids

History/Geography- A Beka My America and My World Grade 1, supplemented with Landmark Flashcards, Usborne Children's Picture Atlas, and world travel

Art & Music- open-ended, child-guided, with maybe some help from No Time for Flashcards (art) and KLTY (music)

Physical Education- Big Girl is playing soccer this fall on an all-girls team. we also like yoga, long walks and bike rides around our neighborhood, and of course Bella Dancerella.

Socialization- (God forbid we allow ourselves to become weird and unsocialized homeschoolers) we are (as a family) participating in a homeschooling co-op for the first time this fall. casually academic, the main purpose of the newly formed co-op is enrichment and socialization. besides that, Big Girl is my little social butterfly with places to go and people to see.

and there you have it... plans for our first "formal" year of homeschooling Big Girl.

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