Friday, May 10, 2013

Mom, not really a hero

me & my sweet babies, march 2013

my daughter's journal prompt the other day was "write about a hero in your life and how they have been influential to you."

later when i was checking her homework, i read her answer and turned to mush:

"Mom. Not really a hero, but teaches me. Homework, tieing my shoes & a LOT more."
so sweet, funny and unexpected. i was laughing and crying. i thought for sure she would have written about her hero being Taylor Swift, or cousin Carsyn, or maybe Jesus. but me?? and what have i done to be influential? teach homework and shoe-tying? sometimes it really is the little things, yall. [need to teach more spelling and penmanship, apparently.]

a few nights ago i went in to bed and this note was on my bedside table:

"I Lov U Frum Josh & Haile"
again, mush. my heart melted right there in my chest. my sweet 4-year-old's phonetically written words, completely unprompted, and thoughtfully, secretly, placed right by Mommy's bed... utterly precious.  

this is what it's all about. this is why we celebrate with our families this weekend. because you have these utterly precious moments, too. and so did your Mom, and her Mom, and her Mom.

so maybe i'm not really a hero. but i am a Mom. and i think that's pretty awesome.

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