Wednesday, May 08, 2013

how to be brave at a blog conference

i saw my daughter, 8, do something really great on the playground last week. my typically introverted and quiet little girl, content to build sandcastles solo, stood up straight, pushed her shoulders back, lifted her head confidently, smiled, and walked right up to the group of kids - kids she didn't know - that were playing sand volleyball.

she has always wanted someone her age and size to play sand volleyball with, and here was her chance. i sat on the other side of the playground and i didn't take my eyes off of her. you couldn't tell it by the looks of her that that wasn't easy. i know it took every ounce of courage in her petite little body to do what she did. she was brave.

she jumped right in the game, made new friends, and had a blast playing the game she's longed to play. she was beaming. beautiful.

watching her got me thinking about situations where i have to be brave, and step out of my comfort zone a little bit, so i can get to that place of making new friends and having a blast being myself. the first situation i thought of? blog conferences.

we can all probably agree that most bloggers are introverts, and a blog conference seems like an event for extroverts. the parties, the hallways, the meals, the meet-ups...all the people! all the talking! it can be overwhelming and exhausting for both everyone, introverts and extroverts alike.

but blog conferences can be so much fun! i think in order to make the most of our time at blog conferences, we have to be brave.

i pray we're both brave and that we get to meet at Declare 2013!