Wednesday, August 26, 2020

move toward better *daily health journal

The chance to move toward better can become a habit. -Seth Godin


there's something that i see a lot of people struggling with and i'd like to offer some insight here in case it helps somebody. once upon a time i needed to hear this myself, and when i did, it changed everything. 

there is no magic pill, wrap, juice, diet, surgery, or smoothie, no shortcut and no fast way to being healthy. all it takes is daily intentional choices to eat clean, exercise, drink mostly water, and get a good night's sleep. seriously. that's it. being healthy is not complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. 
it sounds simple but truly it's easier said than done. and that is why diet plans, juices, and quick fix methods are always so trendy. that is why bulky gym equipment sits unused in so many homes. (the amount of "like new" pelatons for sale online is very telling.) taking a risk on a quick fix with big promises can seem enticing and way more fun than making some simple lifestyle changes. 

what actually contributes to a healthy lifestyle is consistent healthy habits. a decision, a commitment, and then intentional choices every day towards that commitment.  

they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. and day 22 the habit becomes routine. and by day 62, the routine is now a lifestyle. 

here is the simple way to a healthy lifestyle: 
1. decide
2. commit
3. get a friend to hold you accountable  
4. begin to make changes
5. keep making changes
6. do it again the next day, and every day
7. give yourself grace, then get back in the race
8. repeat steps 1-7 as often as needed

and here is a free DAILY HEALTH JOURNAL download / printable and graphic for IG so you can hold yourself accountable to your friends online.  

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

readers are leaders // summer reading 2020

in one month, my kids will begin 8th grade and 11th grade.
(i just cried a little as i typed that out.) (seriously, don't blink, mamas.)

until then, we are spending these self-quarantined stay-home-stay-safe summer days watching movies, playing in the pool, family game nights, bike riding, walking the dogs, ordering take-out, hanging out with a friend or two (not more than 10), video gaming, and reading. reading has always been a favorite pastime for my kids. i'm thankful! it's been instilled in them since they were very young that readers are leaders and leaders are readers :) 

here are some of the books my kids are reading this summer:

haile, age 15, going into 11th grade, is reading
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Bible book of Romans (Paul for Everyone, Wright)

josh, age 12, going into 8th grade, is reading
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
The Tempest by Shakespeare
Classical Me, Classical Thee by Rebekah Merkle
The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
Bible book of Romans (Paul for Everyone, Wright)

great classics! and if there's ever time to get lost in a good classic novel, it's the summer of 2020.

josh is also reading the Wally McDoogle series- books about 12 year old Wally and his hilarious hijinks and outrageous adventures. josh says he likes the "plot twists" and "unexpected endings." the illustrations are similar to the other series' geared for this age group, and the sense of humor definitely appeals to my pre-teen son. but mostly, i love how the Wally McDoogle books incorporate essential lessons about friendship, pride, and faith, and the importance of trusting God with it all. so important! 

and, just for fun, my summer booklist includes
The Banty House by Carolyn Brown
The Imposter by Suzanne Woods Fisher
An Uncommon Grace by Serena B. Miller
Plain Roots by Becki Willis

and my husband is reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, and The Idea Factory by Jon Gertner. 

what do your kids like to read? are yall reading anything good this summer?