Saturday, May 11, 2013

saturday {show 'n tell} + minted giveaway!

hello saturday! i am excited about a weekend with no plans, no agenda, no to-do list. just free time to do what we want to do! maybe i'll go to zumba class, maybe we'll take a dip in the pool, or maybe we'll stay in our jammies longer than we should. saturdays are for saying yes to those kinds of things.

here some treasures from my + a giveaway from

1. invites Declare to make a difference. click on over to the Declare blog to see how you can partner with to help change lives right now.

2. my daughter met Niall. ok, not really. but, remember how cool the cardboard cut-out of your favorite rock/movie star was when you were 8?! almost as cool as the real thing. definitely worth stopping to take a picture in the cracker aisle of the grocery store.

3. when writing was comfort to a hurt mamma's soula blogger's prayer to write for One reader. "Let me write again Jesus when I wrote just for You. When I let you speak into my heart and share Your Word freely."

4. a GIVEAWAY from! just look at those beautiful business cards, Thank You cards, and greeting cards. stunning paperie! and has a $50 credit for one lucky winner. giveaway ends 5/18.

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