Friday, October 19, 2012

my thirty-fourth

1. today is my birthday.

2. i am thirty-four.

3. i still feel about 23.

4. i'm spending my birthday with my family at The State Fair of Texas.

5. it's the perfect way to spend my birthday.

6. i will probably indulge in a funnel cake.

7. i am food-aggressive.

8. i still use my paper day-planner.

9. i like to have candles lit in the house, especially this time of year.

10. my current favorite is Yankee Candle's Sage and Cinnamon.

11. dancing {hip-hop zumba} and weight-lifting {body pump} are my favorite forms of exercise

12. i figured this unique number factoid out: the year i turn 34, my daughter turns 7 (3+4) and my son turns 4 (thirty4), and my husband turns 38 (3+8=11, 7 (daughter's age)+4 (son's age)=11), the year i turn 35, my daughter turns 8 (3+5) and my son turns 5, my husband turns 39 (3+9=12, 8+5=12) and so on... until the year i turn 40, my daughter turns 13 (1+3=4 (40)) and my son turns 10, and my husband turns 44...

13. i'm surprised at how much that fascinates me.

14. i don't know how to drive a stick-shift vehicle.

15. i like things tidy, but i am not very organized.

16. my best friend from junior high school is still my best friend today.

17. we have lived 800 miles apart since 1996.

18. my iPhone screen cracked about 10 minutes after taking that picture.

19. our refrigerator is covered with our kids' artwork, pictures, school papers, notes, and lists. and i like it like that.

20. what's the half-way place between introvert and extrovert? that's me.

21. my high school graduating class hasn't had any official reunions.

22. in college, i was a nanny for a Mom who was 34 and her kids were 7 and 4.

23. i really dislike latex balloons, except when they are in big bunches and helium-filled.

24. my toenails are always painted.

25. i had tuberculosis when i was a toddler.

26. and even though i am completely cured of it, i have to take antibiotics before i have any dental work done.

27. i have a very high tolerance for pain.

28. i could eat Tex-Mex for dinner every night.

29. i turn into an ogre at sunset. okay not really. i am a morning person.

30. i learned how to sew last year.

31. my typical Starbucks order is tall nonfat vanilla latte.

32. i prefer calm and quiet to excitement and noise.

33. my daughter and i share a middle name, and my husband and son share a middle name.

34. my prayer for 34 is in all things {pray, have faith, give thanks, glory & praise}

it's going to be another wonderful year!

birthday post inspired by emily (great minds think alike?)