Saturday, January 03, 2009

feeling fine in 2009

one of these days i will get caught up. for now i admit to being behind schedule. i also admit to having about 5 projects half-started in my house. which is completely out of character for me, but no body told me that having two kids changes your "character" a little bit.

anyhoo, one of the highlights of Christmas 2008 was the many craft projects we took on. big girl and i made [with love] gifts for her teachers and friends. the Reindeer Food we made for her classmates at MDO was a big hit. it was fun to imagine the preschoolers all around the state sprinkling the sugar-oatmeal concoction on their lawns on Christmas Eve.
we made these mini coloring book / journals for her friends in Gymnastics.

and we're currently working on bottle cap necklaces, although they are not coming out as "clean" as the ones you see for sale in the botiques. oh well.

our New Year's Eve tradition of spending the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese was cancelled this year due to daddy hall's irritable esophagus. greasy pizza + noisy video games = what we call a "Tums night." we try to avoid those as much as we can. so instead, we watchd a cute family movie ["Daddy Day Care"] and had popcorn and a bit of bubbly. after the movie, daddy hall put bubba to bed and big girl and i had a mini dance party. that girl has got some moves! i'm sorry i didn't take any pictures at our dance party.
we each made resoultions and set some family goals for the new year. one of my personal goals is to get my photos updated on Flickr, and print more photos as i upload them.

for now, yes i'm behind but we're going with the flow, and everything's fine in 2009.