Wednesday, December 24, 2008

say it, wish it, have it

"Merry Christmas."
I want to be the light in this darkening, scared neutral, politically correct world. I want to share my testimonies of God's grace with unbelievers and doubters. I want to shout His name from the rooftops, and lead everyone in singing 'Happy Birthday' to our Savior. Okay if I could I would. To satisfy my soul, I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Not happy holidays. I'm tacking on a heartfelt Merry Christmas to my heartfelt 'thank you' at the grocery store, coffee shop, bank, gas station, and department stores. When a man held the door for me and my kids at the post office last week, I made a point to look him in the eye and wish him a Merry Christmas. And I really hope he has one.
I'm sharing God's love in this very small way, but I believe it'll make a difference in someone's someone's heart someone's spirit. When the waitress said "happy holidays," as she handed us the bill, we lovingly reminded her that without Christ there would be no holiday, {and no 'happy' either!} simply by responding with an intentional 'Merry Christmas!'
And we-as a family - are praying that people everywhere remember the reason for the season and the true GIFT we were given when God gave His only Son. Have a Merry Christmas!