Friday, July 03, 2015

around here lately: hey june

i remember a morning in early june when i walked outside into the 90-something degree heat, inhaled the sunshine, looked skyward and said "ahhhh i love summer." and i mean it. i love the high temperatures, the longer days, the lighter meals, the smell of sunscreen and chlorine, flip flops and bare feet, and the standing invitation to relax. after an unusually rainy may, we welcome june's blazing sun and rising temps.

we didn't make a summer "to-do" poster, the summer "candy" bowl, or make any real commitments, but i did vow to take extra pictures this summer. not to live behind the camera, just to capture our moments more often. so far, so good! here are some memories from june:

these cool kids [finally] finished school on 6/19. Bubba (6) finished second grade and Sister (10) finished 5th grade. we were ALL ready for the break!

they were in the "advanced" swim lessons class this summer. they swim confidently across the pool and i get to sit on the side and beam [and tan.]

summer has it's quiet moments, too. i catch them reading, doing puzzles, and coloring. 

these two love an afternoon walk. i don't usually go with them but watch through the window and wonder what they're talking about.

this ginormous turtle showed up on our front sidewalk the other day. we don't know where he came from, how he got there, or why he stopped right in the middle of the sidewalk! Hubs put the turtle in a laundry basket and took it to the neighborhood pond where the turtle happily swam away. incidentally, this was the 3rd turtle we've rescued this summer. but by far the biggest!

painting your own pottery is fun. hanging out with one of my best friends who adores my kids is also fun.

in june i randomly got to dance with Shaun T and Danielle. no biggy. [who is Shaun T? who is Danielle?]

and speaking of dance, these cuties did amazing at their dance recitals! Bubba danced a Hip Hop routine to KJ-52's "Superhero" - he was the only boy in the dance and had some solo parts! so cool! Sister performed in two Hip Hop dances and let me tell you, girl is finding her SWAGGER. proud dance mom here for sure.

we have the most fun. but then we kick ourselves for not taking pictures together. this day, we remembered to snap a pic and wouldn't you know we got photobombed! it's the mom life. PS: best friends wear coordinating swimsuits and big sunglasses.

we were in Altar'd State at the mall when THIS SONG came on piping through the shop. Bubba tapped my arm: "mom, can you hear this song? what is it?" "i don't know, Bubba, i've never heard it before." "i like it." we Shazam'd it - Bread of Stone Brand New - and added it to a Spotify playlist and let me just say Bubba has GOOD TASTE in music.

when we are not at the pool or gallivanting with friends, i'm at home working on Declare and it's just as heart-filling. Declare is by far one of my biggest yeses, and every year i keep walking in wild obedience as God affirms this calling. it's getting closer (july 30!!) and i am so excited!

and that is what's been going on around here lately! 
happy summer, babes!