Friday, August 16, 2013

UPS, Freeset, and hope

Earlier this week, there was a UPS plane that crashed and both of the pilots lost their lives. On that plane there were 13,000 FreeSet bags worth $150,000 that were destroyed. The loss of these bags represents three months of work for 200 women in India who made the bags. Freeset bags are a tangible symbol of rescue, new life, promise and hope. This is more than just a loss of bags. This is a loss of someone's really hard work after being rescued from a really hard place. This loss for Freeset is big deal...but God is so much bigger.

We want to help FreeSet recover the loss of these bags and support the women who are facing this devastating loss and any long-term impact it could have. FreeSet was a sponsor of The Declare Conference, we know Kristi Griem personally, and we are working together with Allume and Pure Charity to do everything we can to help FreeSet regain what was lost.

Freeset USA has an exclusively designed t-shirt in which 100% profits will benefit the two families of the pilots that lost their lives in the crash.

You can also help by visiting Pure Charity and give whatever you can. Every little bit helps. You can also share this with as many people as you can to spread the word to help meet the need. Post it on Facebook, tweet about it, email your friends. Let’s work together and we can make a difference.

Please continue to pray for the families who lost loved ones, the pilots of the UPS cargo plane carrying the bags that crashed, and for everyone involved in this tragic loss.