Monday, August 19, 2013

back to (home)school! '13-'14 curriculum

one hot July night, in that precious time after dinner but before the kids' bedtime, i was folding laundry and listening to a podcast. usually, the kids use this time to play or read or both, but on this particular night, they wouldn't leave my side. they were bouncing around me vying for my attention with silly antics. of course, i couldn't hear them with my earbuds in, so i just smiled and they continued being goofy in my face and all around my personal space. it was cute. at first. finally, i pulled the earbuds off and asked, "what is going on? it's playtime!?"

practically in unison, they answered:

"we want to do school work."  

it was 7:20. PM. i was stunned. they were serious. and? they were excited. bless their sweet little hearts. so we went to the school room and cracked open the books and they willingly dove into their 2013-2014 school books that night. and the next night. and almost every night after that. and that's how we started our homeschool year this year.

it's been light, only one or two subjects each day, and waaaaaay off schedule, (night school!?) we officially start our morning routine and full school load TODAY.

this year at Hall College Prep Academy (HCPA) my 8yo daughter is doing 4th grade work and my 5yo son is starting 1st grade. this is our 5th year of homeschooling. both kids are enrolled in 3 classes that meet once a week at a local homeschool co-op. we will continue using many resources from Master Books, reference books on our bookshelves, and Khan Academy on their new tablets. we are still using our modified workbox system!

our curriculum & books for 2013-2014

Big Girl's 4th Grade Year:

Math- Singapore Math 3B and 4A
Reading- Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4, independent reading chapter books, Pages in My Head Reading 5
Writing- EIW All Things Fun & Fascinating
Science- Elementary Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics, and Chemistry (Tom DeRosa and Carolyn Reeves), Science Sluths co-op class
Bible- Awana Homeschool, daily devotionals, GEMS club
History/Geography- Story of the World Vol. 1, American Girl co-op class, Texas History co-op class
Health/Fitness- weekly dance class
Art & Music- interest-based weekly studies

Bubba's 1st Grade Year:

Math- Saxon 1
Reading- Explode the Code 3 & 4, FIAR at co-op, Abeka Handbook for Reading
Writing- various resources for handwriting practice
Science- BJU Science 1
History- BJU Heritage Studies 1, My America My World
Health/PE- martial arts 3x/week, Fun with Food & Nutrition at co-op, Sports class at co-op
Bible- Awana Homeschool, Adventure Bible devotionals and memory verses
Art & Music- interest-based weekly studies

happy first day of school, everyone!