Friday, April 05, 2013

around here lately: surprise trip to Disney World...again!

four years agohubby and i surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World. last month, we did it again :)

last time: Bubba was 9 months old and Big Girl was barely 4. that trip involved a stroller, the sling/Bjorn, a diaper bag, nursing, naps, and a pack-n-play. whew.
this time: Bubba is 4 and a half, and Big Girl is 8. this trip involved 2 big kids that waited patiently in long lines, walked for miles, toughed out sun-up to sun-down fun-filled days, and were super appreciative.

last time: keeping the trip a secret was easy breezy! Big Girl couldn't read, and she took naps, which gave me lots of time to plan a surprise visit to Mickey. i came up with a creative way (if i do say so myself) of packing our suitcases without Big Girl realizing what i was about it here.
this time: keeping the trip a surprise was no small feat! turns out my kids are pretty observant! not only can Big Girl read, she can also read between the lines, so hubs and i had to talk about the trip in cryptic code. but we pulled it off and it was totally worth the number of times i had to bite my tongue! we left for Disney World the day after Blissdom, so i did a quick unpack-laundry-repack without the kids even noticing.

last time: i organized our clothing with rubber bands.
this time: i put each person's clothes in a gallon-size ziplock bag for each day.
this is how i packed for 4 people for 6 days at Disney

last time: we gave Big Girl a ticket to Disney World in her Easter basket and flew out that morning. Big Girl was more confused than surprised, i think.
this time: after church we went to Torchy's Tacos, and when everyone was finished eating i gave the kids a little photo book with pictures from our move, saying how proud of them we are and how much we love them. and then i gave them a brownie with a Mickey Mouse topper that said "We are going to Disney World today!"

totally surprised!
last time: i made really cute custom matching shirts for the kids to wear each day of our trip.
this time: i ordered coordinating shirts for the kids to wear each day of our trip. also, instead of matching shirts, we all wore the same color each day. black and white, red, green, yellow, blue, and coral.

last time: was awesome.
this time: was awesomer.

thank You, Lord, for this amazing vacation with my family, 
and for the memories we'll cherish for always.