Saturday, May 02, 2009

Disney countdown: We leave tomorrow, and Big Girl still doesn't know.

We're leaving tomorrow for a week in Orlando. And Big Girl still doesn't know. There have been times when DaddyHall and I have almost given in, almost spilled the beans. But all it takes is a look. He knows the look and I know the look. Without any verbalization, the look commands with a silent threat, "Do Not Tell Her."
Keeping it a surprise has been half of the fun of this trip. The other half will be when we tell her where we're going, and the rest of the fun is bonus.
Today, less than 24 hours before departure, has been the hardest. It's a Saturday, but not an ordinary Saturday. It's a frazzled day of scrambling, list-making, list-checking, and preparing. Our suitcases are on the floor in my bedroom, all packed. I have backpacks and carry-ons, garment bags and toiletry bags. And Big Girl still doesn't know.
One of the tricks I used today to keep her from catching on was a little twist on her favorite pasttime: pretend play. I needed to pack her bathing suit, hairbows, shoes, toys. But she was too aware of what I was doing for me to do it. So I played with her.
"Let's pretend we're going on a vacation!"
She likes this game. "Yeah, and we're staying in a hole-tel!"
I had her pack her carry on backpack with some toys and books for our pretend vacation. She did great. She even packed a Manna Blanky.
Then, I needed a little time apart from her to do a final suitcase check so we could go ahead and load them in the truck. So...we pretended the master bathroom was our hotel pool and she went for a "swim" in the tub. That gave me plenty of time to do more prepping without her knowing.
Tomorrow is Easter. There is a ticket to Disney World in her Easter basket. Our flight departs DFW before the sun comes up. The car is packed, reservations made, tickets bought.
And Big Girl still doesn't know.