Monday, September 03, 2012

bringing menu planning back


i used to be a menu planning superstar. i planned our whole week's dinners, did the grocery shopping once a week, prepared and served our family meal every night at 5pm. menu planning was part of my routine for such a long time, and it worked well for us. family dinner time was nonnegotiable.

and then Hubby's commute from his office was extended, bringing him home later in the evening, making family dinner together nearly impossible. the kids and i ate dinner alone most nights, and i warmed Hubby's plate in the oven when he came home at 7:30 or 8.

menu planning, as much as i loved it, seemed pointless. i began making a single-serve dinner for myself, heating one up for Hubby when he got home, and serving the kids something entirely different, easy.  i quit putting forth much effort because i didn't think anyone would notice. to be completely honest, i was lonely and discouraged. i missed our family dinner time. i missed the beginning-to-end process of planning our meals.

regardless, i am incredibly thankful for my husband's career. i am so grateful for his commitment to providing for our family. i know it requires great sacrifice on both of our parts, and i pray for strength through this season.

i cherish our family dinners and will fight like mad to protect that time together. i can't give up in this season where hours are changed and nights are longer. for the sake of my family, even if no one is here to notice, i'm bringing menu planning back.

here is our menu plan for this week: 
monday- Be Free chicken enchiladas   
tuesday- Be Free quinoa with black beans
wednesday- brinner 
thursday- Be Free guacamole burgers

family dinner time is nonnegotiable. i'm excited to get back into this routine and to make family dinner time a priority again!

do you plan your dinner menus? is family dinner time important in your home?