Friday, August 10, 2012

around here lately: HCPA '12-13 Curriculum

we kinda sorta not officially started school already. it was the last week of July, it was 110 degrees (no lie) and we were getting antsy. we pretty much threw routine out the window May through June, and it was super fun and relaxing, but by late July i could tell my little ones were starting to need some structure in their day. me, too.

so, we cracked open the books and started easing into our school year without much fanfare. we will call it official, with a kick-off breakfast and first day of school pictures, on Monday, August 20. 

this year at HCPA (Hall College Prep Academy) Big Girl (age 7) is doing 3rd grade work and Bubba (age 4) is beginning Kindergarten! this is our fourth year of homeschooling. both kids are also enrolled in a few classes at a local church that is offering elementary courses for homeschooled children. i'm looking forward to meeting other homeschooling families in our community! we will continue using many resources from Master Books, reference books on our bookshelves, our modified workbox system, and my custom lesson plan notebook.

our curriculum book list for 2012-2013
(you can read here our curriculum choices for Big Girl's Kindergarten1st Grade, and 2nd grade, and Bubba's PreK.)

Big Girl's 3nd Grade Year:

Bubba's Kindergarten Year:

being able to teach my children at home is such a blessing, even on the days when i threaten to drop them off at public school... [smile.] Big Girl reassures me on the tough days that she loves to be homeschooled and wouldn't have it any other way. Bubba melts my heart when he tells others proudly: "i go to homeschool." we are all very excited about another great year of homeschooling!

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