Saturday, June 30, 2012

saturday {show 'n tell}

it's saturday and i'm chillin' with my family at the water park. {those are my purple and white toes and my giant ice water.} 

i read some good stuff this week. see for yourself!  

Extravagant Love: take Jezamama's triple dog dare. without love, we are bankrupt.

Go Beyond the Book: Ashley offers some fun ideas to keep reading on your summer "bucket list."

Kindness Changes Everything: someone went a little bit out of their way to commit a simple act of kindness, and changed everything.

Why it's my fault the kids are driving me crazy: seize the day. take the blame and change the game.

What's that smell? the 'smell' of salvation is sweeter than any perfume. what 'scent' lingers when you leave a room?

Red White & Blue Salad: a recipe for a beautiful and festive Independence Day salad!

Focusing on Your Child's Weakness: our children born with different gifts, and parenting is a fine balance of focusing on our child's strengths without magnifying their weaknesses.

Psalm 91: i've been hanging out here this week, resting in the shadow of El Shaddai. 

i hope you and your family are having a relaxing weekend together!