Friday, June 22, 2012

saturday {show 'n tell}

it's the weekend! kick back & relax. i'm just popping in to share some posts that i read and loved this week. i'm finding that i appreciate authenticity, originality, practical life applications and instruction, and encouraging, inspired, God-pointing content more and more...

BRAVE: A Mom's Review from i am SO THANKFUL for this review! now i know we will not be seeing this movie any time soon.

Potential and Kinetic Energy: nerd out for a sec and watch Marci's {adorable} kids explain the difference between potential and kinetic energy. my kids loved it.

Summer Family Connections: this themed link-up hosted by Our Good Life is sweet celebration of fun family time in the summer. i love how she sneaks homeschool lessons in every day life!

10 Reasons Why I Blog and when blogging goes bad: because the truth of the matter is, blogging does go bad sometimes. i've seen too many bloggers' priorities get "wonky." kudos to Stef for keeping it real and keeping God first.

Always Kiss Me Good Morning: i adore this pretty little free printable from Mandy at BiblicalHomemaking. i already printed it and hung it on my refrigerator. i'm a big believer in starting the day right: with prayer, coffee, and kisses! and PS: i am super excited to meet Mandy at the Mamas Write Conference!

5 Year Diary: my most recent purchase from Amazon (actually cost me nothing because i had credit and Swagbucks) i'm only a few days in but this very well might be my new favorite thing.

2 Timothy 3: this has been on my mind, on my heart, and in my prayers...

have a great weekend!