Thursday, May 10, 2012

i'm not a blogger, either

i am not really a blogger. (yes, i do realize the irony of typing those very words in a blog post.) 

one of my IRL friends just started her own blog for the simple reason of documenting her life. she put on Facebook that she's not a real blogger, "real bloggers drink coffee and wake up at 6am.hmmm...i drink coffee and wake up at 6am, but it's not because i'm a blogger. it's because i'm a Wife and Mom who needs her quiet time with Jesus. 
i clicked over to read my friend's first blog post, where she typed out in the first sentence that she is not a blogger, because she doesn't go to blog conferences or dream of selling ad space on her site

i have been writing here since 2005. while i have never sold ad space on my blog, but yes, i had the opportunity to go to blog conferences, i know exactly what she means and i feel the very same way. 

i am just a mom, doing my thing. i happen to like to write, and have a account and my own URL. having my own blog makes me a real blogger as much as sitting in my garage makes me a car.

i have to tell you that i wrote this post in early February, but wasn't quite comfortable hitting the Publish button. then i read Shaun Groves' "I Am Not A Blogger" and Faith's first blog post about not being a blogger, and...yeah...i'm not a blogger, either, y'all.

the purpose of my blog, as i wrote it 6 years ago here, is "to log my ideas, write down the stories that clutter my mind, and record my own thoughts and plans." over time, my life has seen more seasons, my writing style has developed, and my use of this space has expanded. i come here to record memories, plan my family's menus, count gifts, list random stuff, show what works for us, use scripture to inspire, encourage friends, and share thought-provoking thoughts. i come to this blog space because i love to write. and i think this is a great venue for praising and promoting my Jesus.  

the honest to goodness truth is...

i don't care, even a little bit, about page views and number of subscribers. don't get me wrong: i appreciate anyone and everyone that comes here to read my measly words. i am thankful for all of you who took the time to subscribe to get this in your inbox. i love getting comments. but your comments aren't validation and i don't ever look at stats. this is a place where i write and you are invited to read my words. i'll continue writing my words whether or not anyone shows up to read them.

my content isn't influenced by readers. i write straight from my heart. my content is influenced by my life, experiences, and thoughts. i blog from within, to share, not to entertain. because of #1 above, i am oblivious to what posts you're reading the most. when i write reviews, it's because i want to support companies and products that i truly believe in and want to share with my friends (you). i link up to other (real) bloggers to help them grow, not so that i can get more clicks.

my blog isn't my job. i don't have deadlines or a schedule of posts to write. i don't have any obligations to blog. because i don't use my blog to make an income, i can write what i want when i want and pray about the outcome. when ever this space starts to feel like work, i know i'm doing something wrong. i love to write. when i start feeling like i don't want to write here, that is a red flag and i need to re-focus my purpose for this space. i actually consider my blog to be a hobby and an outlet, also a digital scrapbook-ish, a keepsake for my children and future grandchildren.

i am not writing a book. no e-books, how-to's, or best sellers here. i'm so thankful for, and will read yours. but me? i'm just a day-to-day, bit-by-bit journaler.

i don't want to promote my blog. i do pray over my blog, that what i write reaches the right people at the right time. but i really don't want to toot this horn. i don't want to schedule tweets or get my link on a jillion social media sites. i'm not interested in applying SEO optimization. i figure, if you're like me, you'll share the link if you think it's worth sharing. and i'm so grateful for that kind of community. 

so...i don't think i'm really a blogger. can i still sit with you at the Real Bloggers table? because i love Real Bloggers. my reader and inbox are full of your beautiful, brilliant posts. i bookmark and Pin you, you inspire me and teach me. but little ole' me? i just want to keep calm and write what i want and when i want here at