Thursday, May 03, 2012

crazy spindoctors

call me crazy, but what if we all learn to love one another for nothing in return?*

it might be insane, but what if we reached out, wholeheartedly, those who need help, and treated them as we would treat ourselves?

what if we stopped seeing people with the filter of how they wronged us, how they hurt us, how they do things differently... and instead, we see them as God's children, placed in our path for a greater purpose?

how about we stop talking and thinking bad about ourselves? our past, our mistakes, our weaknesses. and let's instead find something nice to say and think. find a way to thank God for what He brought us through...can we? please?

call me crazy, but what if we all could just smile at one another, despite our differences, despite the circumstances? what if each of us made it our personal mission in life to bring peace to every place we went? to every person we met?

it might be insane, but what if we refused to be victims of our situations, our diseases, our emotions? instead, could we turn fully to God and trust Him to perform a miracle in our midst?

what if we all took 20 minutes out of our day, opened the nearest Bible or went to, read James 1-5, and committed it to our hearts? 

what if we were spindoctors in order to glorify Christ?  

call me crazy, but i'm dreaming of a world like that for my children, and for future generations.