Friday, May 04, 2012

Around Here Lately {memorable moments}

from Pinterest
isn't that so true? i'm so thankful for mental pictures and memories that are made in the little moments of our days. i'm also thankful for the camera app on my phone, and the point-and-shoot that lives in my bag, to capture the moments that make up our memories.

memorable moments around here lately...

my sweet girl has really strong legs and has the most fun giggling on the soccer field with her teammates:  

we drink a lot of juiced veggies and fruits, and Bubba likes to help: 

i hosted DFW (in)RL and it was a no-brainer. God told me very clearly to say Yes to the possibility of entertaining angels. beautiful friends:

my neighbor shared the easiest cupcake recipe i wish i never knew:

we homeschool because learning together is way of life for us:

on the days we don't make it to the gym, i hold myself accountable and keep pushing play: 

on a field trip, i accidentally sat on a big wad of gum. i soaked it in Shout and scrubbed with a toothbrush and it all came off. (just keeping it real, yall): 

what were your memorable moments this week? 

have a lovely weekend, everyone!