Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SAHM Boredom Busters

about 7 years ago, i abandoned my "career" to be with my baby all day. every day. it was both the easiest decision and the hardest decision i ever had to make. i didn't know how much i would love being a SAHM- i didn't realize it was what i was made to do- until i was in the thick of it.

i can truly understand it when i hear a new mom, or a mom who works outside of the house, say they think being a stay at home mom would be boring. maybe it is to some people, i don't know. i'm sure being a SAHM isn't for everyone and that's okay. two of my close friends are moms that work outside of the home, and when the three of us are together, this conversation often comes up, and they say things like this:

"it would be fun at first, but then i think i would get bored." 
"i would go crazy." 
"i think i would get cabin fever."
"we would be at each other's throats all day long."

now, these are my really good friends that i'm talking with, and there is absolutely no judgement going on here. i usually just laugh because, yeah, i get it! i can see how that could happen! but the truth is, i don't get bored, i only go a little bit crazy sometimes, i only get cabin fever when it snows or we're sick, and we're not at each other's throats all day long. 

i would never describe being a SAHM as boring. i believe boredom is a choice- you can choose to be bored, or you can choose to make the most of every moment! being a SAHM is a blessing (sometimes in disguise) and there is always something to do to make the most of the time spent with your little one. 

if being a SAHM is anywhere on your radar, but you think you would get bored or go insane, here is my attempt to bust the "being a SAHM would be boring" myth... 

10 SAHM Boredom Busters:

1. get out of the house. being a stay at home mom doesn't literally mean stay at home. go to the park, library, gym, go for a walk, to a friend's house, the mall, church, the mailbox...just get out.

2. make friends. get on Meetup.com or a local community site and find out what other SAHM's are doing. join playgroups, introduce yourself to another mom at the park. you will make friends and your children will, too. for starters, check for your local ECPTA, MOMS Club, and MOPS. 

3. run errands. when both hubby and i were working full-time we ran all our errands on the weekends. grocery store, dry cleaners, post office, Home Depot, dog groomers...now, i get them all done as needed during the week. the grocery store is nice and quiet on a Tuesday morning!

4. take care of the house. stay on top of laundry, dishes, floors, bathrooms...the same chores that use to wait for Saturday can now get done on an ongoing basis. i'm not saying spend all of your time cleaning, that would be boring. but cleaning as you go will free up Saturdays for family fun. also, now you can take the time to hang curtains, fix that squeaky door, plant flowers, and invest some time into your home.

5. join a bible study. connecting with other moms over the word of God has been such a blessing to me as a SAHM. we meet on a weekday morning and we all bring our kids. we dig into scripture together, pray together, and confide in one another. it's glorious. see what's available at your church or if there's a BSF in your area, or start your own with some of your friends. see #2

6. work from home. my career was cut short, and even though i loved being home with my baby, i had a hard time not working. so i found a part time work from home job that gives me the best of both worlds. it's great to be able to contribute a little to the family income, put my education and skills to good use, and stay active in the professional realm.  

7. play. color, read stories, play dress-up, bake cookies for no reason, give them bubble baths in the middle of the day, build a tower with what's in your pantry, draw a chalk mural, finger paint, sing silly songs, make a sock puppet, watch old movies...play with your little one! kids are fun and there is rarely a dull (or quiet) moment in their presence.

8. teach your kids. children learn a lot through play time. see #7.

9. (re)discover your hobby. get back to doing the thing you enjoy just for fun, just for you. for me, it's writing. maybe you like cooking exotic meals, crocheting, photography, couponing, playing softball, reading, or painting, or discover something new that you love! start a blog! (ha) and if you don't mind mixing pleasure and work, maybe you can turn your new hobby into a little extra income! see #6.

10. make the most of it. one thing i have found out while "staying home" is that the days go by fast and the years even faster. i want to be here. i don't take this opportunity for granted, and i thank God that i get to be a stay at home mom. even on the most trying days of mothering, there's no where else i'd rather be than here raising my children, even if we are bored and staying home every once in a while.

how else could you prevent SAHM boredom?