Monday, January 09, 2012

eternally present love

1001. in my hubby's oversized hoodies
1002. having Bubba home with me all day every day
1003. being called when there's a need
1004. being trusted
1005. the unexpected peace i found outside of my comfort zone
1006. cultivating a welcoming home
1007. homemade caramel lattes
1008. my little ones reciting their memory verse
1009. gym membership
1010. churches who love people
1011. finding missing beloved toys
1012. after Christmas sales
1013. that daily phone call from hubby "I'm on my way home"
1014. a new Magic Bullet
1015. Forever postage stamps
1016. the thoughtfulness of strangers
1017. divine connections
1018. Kari Jobe..."You Are Good" @ Gateway Worship
1019. beautiful sunny January days
1020. followed by grey wintery skies
1021. singing songs that make my hands shoot straight up to reach for Jesus
1022. volunteer preschool teachers at church
1023. genuine compliments

God's love, though, is ever and always, 
eternally present to all who fear him, 
Making everything right for them and their children 
as they follow his Covenant ways 
and remember to do whatever he said.