Monday, August 08, 2011

this week's menu + tofu frito chili pie

week two of our August Vegan Experiment is under way. going vegan has been surprisingly easy! my friend Rachel sent me a ton of recipes and menu ideas, and i've pinned some recipes on Pinterest, too.

my favorite dinner last week was the tofu Frito chili pie. {drool}

i didn't use the recipe that inspired the meal, however. i cheated a little bit and bought canned vegetarian chili. for convenience, really. next time, i'll make it from scratch. even still, it turned out delicious! this was my first time making tofu and i loved every bite. did you know Frito's are vegan? Frito's ingredients: corn, corn oil, salt. learning that made me a very happy vegan.

hubby's favorite dinner was actually not on the menu. there was one night when i was in the mood for Mexican and trying to clean out the pantry so i ended up making a tapas-style vegan dinner: vegetarian refried beans and vegan cheese wrapped in tortillas, cut into little bite-size burritos, served over rice and topped with fresh all-natural pico de gallo and shredded vegan cheese. i wish i had taken a picture because this last-minute-scramble meal was so pretty, uber easy, and very delicious.

here is this week's vegan menu with links to the inspiring recipes:

m: veggie-loaded baked potatoes
t: sweet 'n sour tofu & rice
w: spicy black bean soup
h: tofu lasagna
f: rice and Texas caviar

also on the menu: vegan cupcakes with vegan icing! kale chips. seaweed snacks. tabouleh, and lots of fruits and vegetables! stay tuned ~ i'll continue sharing our favorite vegan recipes!