Wednesday, August 17, 2011

saving kid's art

my kids love to color beautiful pictures for us. they are budding artists, creating masterpieces with crayons and colored pencils on clean pages of white paper. i cherish their artwork. i love getting to see their perspectives and interpretations through scribbles. BigGirl pays a lot of attention to detail in her drawings, making sure it’s most realistic. Bubba’s art is more abstract; he uses big strokes of many colors to express his big thoughts and many ideas.

when they bring me their completed artwork, i beam and thank them, i give them compliments and kisses. i always make them sign their name and write the date on the back, and into the “finished” workbox it goes. that box gets full fast. i honestly can not save every single piece of my kids’ artwork. and yet, i honestly can not bring myself to get rid of it, either.

i have come across some great ideas for moms like me to store and preserve kids’ colorings. just do a search on Pinterest for "kids art" and look at all the ideas!

this is neat, from OhDeeDoh, thumbnail photos of kids' art on one big collage:

and this is another version of that same idea, from A Thousand Words:

these are also from OhDeeDoh, and i could have a million of these around my house:

i also like the idea of recycling their art into gifts, like these bookmarks:

and these coasters from Meet the Dubiens:

But when BigGirl presented to me this beautiful work of art, a “Get Well Mommy” bouquet of heart-shaped flowers, I immediately thought it would make a pretty background wallpaper for my iPhone. 

so i took a picture of the artwork with my iPhone camera:

opened the photo in my album and selected "Use as Wallpaper":

and wha-la! a beautiful new image on my phone that makes me smile every time i see it! 

saving my kid's artwork as iPhone wallpaper works for me!

how do you store and preserve your kids' art?