Tuesday, August 16, 2011

our new family bible

Family Illustrated Bible 1

we have our fair share of children's Bibles here at the Hall home. if i took the time to find them all and stack them up, i would probably have a tower taller than my 6 year old (who is currently in the 50th percentile for height.) i'm not going on a Bible hunt in my house so you'll just have to trust me: we have a lot of children's Bibles. {that said, there is no such thing as too many bibles!}

speaking of my 6 year old, it occurred to me recently that there comes a time when children outgrow the little chubby cartoon board book Bibles. and yet they are not quite ready for their own red-letter NIV.
between the time i realized that my 6 year old had outgrown her children's Bible, and the time i was going to research a more mature Bible for her, i got this in the mail:


The Family Illustrated Bible. it is big. it is beautiful. it is mature. it is family-friendly. it is art.

Family Illustrated Bible 2

this bible is perfect for transitioning our family from little children's bibles to a grown-up bible. The Family Illustrated Bible, from Master Books, is loaded with historical bible-based facts, incorporates customs of Biblical times, Biblical geography with detailed maps, chronological time lines, an alphabetical index of the people of the Old and New Testaments, and a topical index, too. it includes all of our favorite bible stories, like David and Goliath and the Crossing of the Red Sea, plus some others that aren't typically found in bibles for younger children, like Jacob's Wedding and Belshazzar's Feast. each story is accompanied by vivid, full-color illustrations that far surpass any children's bible i've ever seen, helping bring the word of God to life.

Family Illustrated Bible 3

i love how big and bold this bible is, sitting on the coffee table it invites and encourages our family and guests to grab it and peek inside. i plan to use The Family Illustrated Bible in our homeschool bible studies and for family devotionals. 

i am excited to have this bible in our home. wouldn't you like to see it for yourself?

join the next Moms of Master Books Twitter Party to win a copy of The Family Illustrated Bible on Tuesday, August 23 at 8pm central. follow @masterbooks4u and @mamahall, and use the #TeachtheTruth hashtag. you could win The Family Illustrated BibleMy Take Along BibleHow Do We Know the Bible is TrueThe Answers Book for Kids Vol 3: Questions on God and the Bible, and Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers.

i really hope you'll join us at the Twitter Party to learn more about this amazing bible!
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full disclosure: As part of the Moms of Master Books team, I was provided with a copy of this book to review. As always, all opinions are honestly my own. i blog with integrity.