Tuesday, November 09, 2010

shhh...our kids don't know {top ten tuesday}

Top Ten {Tuesday}

our kids are still young- ages 5 and 2. this age is so much fun. i adore their simple thinking and innocence. i love to let them be young. they're only little for a little while!

there are some things our little ones assume and some things they aren't aware of {yet}. and it's totally fine by us!  

top ten things our kids don't know:

1. our kids don't know that there is a Toy Story movie.
2. our kids don't know that there is a Thomas the Train TV show.
3. our kids think Chuck E. Cheese is only open every once in a while for someone else's birthday party.
4. our kids think potato chips are only something you can have at a BBQ restaurant.
5. our kids think everyone goes to bed at 8PM.
6. our kids think one piece of candy or one bowl of ice cream is A HUGE treat.
7. our kids think the car only starts when everyone's seatbelts are fastened.
8. our kids don't know what a DS is, or a Wii.
9. our kids think they have to get 100 boo-boos in their childhood.
10. our kids don't know that college is optional.

so...what do your kids think or not know, and you let them?