Monday, November 08, 2010

mission: give {week 1}

All the believers were united in heart and mind. 
And they felt that what they owned was not their own, 
so they shared everything they had. 
...and God’s great blessing was upon them all.  
Acts 4:32-33

Day 1: i thought long and hard the night before about how i was going to give today. i prayed about it and had so many ideas. but when the morning came, none seemed "good enough." as i was unpacking a bag of books that i let a friend borrow almost a year ago, one book caught my attention. maybe it was the hot pink cover or the picture on the front of two stunningly beautiful women. maybe it was the memory i had attached to that book- when it was given to me, what the author said about it, the way i was impacted when i read it the first time. whatever it was, that book seemed to glow. and instantly i knew i had to give it to someone, and i knew exactly who that someone was.

Day 2: i had a new pumpkin recipe in my menu plan this week that i was really looking forward to trying. yall know how much i love pumpkin right? i baked a batch of 24 this morning and purposely packed up more than half to give to my friends that i will see later today. as much as i would love to eat all of them myself, sharing them with friends is even sweeter.

Day 3: today i gave prayer to a friend in need. i gave joyful birthday wishes to two VIPs in my life. i gave a compliment to a stranger. i gave my time to my children. i gave myself permission to put my PJs on at noon.

Day 4: have you ever seen that episode of The Office where Dwight and Andy are seeing who out-favor one another? i feel like that today. i feel like people keep giving to me and i'm supposed to be the one giving! i guess it's called a challenge for a reason. i gave my hairdresser an extra tip today, but it doesn't feel good enough. *sigh* i will pray tonight for a better opportunity to give tomorrow. [here is a little clip of The Office episode:]

Day 5: today i used technology to give. i used my blog to host a giveaway to help promote a friend's new CD. i gave a lot of comment love to other bloggers. also, i sent several text and Facebook messages to friends simply encouraging them, wishing them a good day, or thanking them for being so awesome.

Day 6: headed out with the kids for a morning of craft fair shopping and stopped first at the Starbucks drive-thru. i wanted a venti quad caramel white chocolate dolce cinnamon vanilla blahbleeblah. and i had just enough cash for it. how greedy of me, though! so i ordered a tall coffee with a splash of milk. with the extra cash i told the Barista that i wanted to pay for the order next in line as i handed her $5. she looked at the car behind me, and then back at her computer. "his total is only $1.82." then i'll pay for the next order also, i told her. she looked at the 2nd car behind me, and back at her computer. "her total is only $2." i just smiled and raised my eyebrows. "okay, and the next one too, got it." she said. i drove away and thanked God for the opportunity to bless not just one person but 3 in the Starbucks drive-thru.

Day 7: on my way to the grocery store today i prayed God would cross my path with someone in need. in the parking lot i saw my usual spot was open (the first one by the cart corral!) but today i parked further away and gave the spot to someone else. in the store i kept alert for chances to give. i bought a few extra canned goods to have, knowing this is the season for food drives. and when i didn't use a coupon, i left it on the shelf for someone else to use. i left about 6 coupons on the shelves! i pray that someone finds one and it's just what they need.           

i'm learning as i go that it doesn't take much to be a blessing to someone. i'm learning to be alert and aware, to be others-focused and God-focused. i'm learning that we have so much to give, even if we have nothing, because we have God. and i'm super excited to see what kind of giving God has planned for me this week!