Monday, October 18, 2010

my DIY home makeover

i mentioned a few weeks ago that i am prepping my home for putting it on the market in a few months. the jury is still out whether or not i am insane or inspired. regardless, room by room, i am making small-ish stage-like changes that will help sell the house when we're ready. starting now is a good idea, i think, rather than try to scramble to make it ready in between scheduling showings.

the first room i tackled was the laundry room. {"start small," isn't that what they say? it is the smallest room.} be's NOT the most dramatic room makeover you've ever seen...


no real style or function other than the obvious washer and dryer, with a shelf for rags and detergent. the bottom two shelves were cluttered with vacuum cleaner bags and instruction manuals from who knows what.


i overhauled the shelves, putting only things on there that we need and use. after shopping for wall decor but didn't find anything i liked, so i decided i could make something myself. the result is that framed "wash" sign. i made it using things i had around the house. the backing fabric is an old cloth napkin that my Grandma passed down to my Mom and she passed down to me. isn't it so perfect?

the next project-in-waiting for this room is a little shelf with 3 hooks that i plan to hang opposite the washer and dryer. i found the shelf at a consignment sale for $3 and all it needs is a new coat of paint. pictures to come!

and the next room to be madeover...? i guess you'll just have to keep watching to find out :)