Tuesday, October 19, 2010

happy birthday to me

my birthday is today. i got a really great gift. i asked for it, but i never thought i’d get it. it’s not even something i would have ever thought i’d want. but deep down inside, i wanted it, so i asked for it. and i got it.

MasterBooks is sending me to Relevant! my first ever blogging conference!

MasterBooks is the publisher that brings us Charlie and Trike and the Grand Canyon Adventure, and Transforming Church in Rural America. both awesome resources and favorites on my bookshelf.

and as if that isn’t sweet enough? HipTogether is dressing me for Relevant! HipTogether, founded by two moms in my community, is custom trendy designs for moms, tweens, little girls, and little boys. i'll be rockin' some of their funky t-shirts like these. {ps: that's not me in either photo}

so...to recap, here’s what i get to do for my birthday:
  1. travel by myself. 
  2. meet a bunch of my favorite bloggy friends in person, and make new friends, too.
  3. stay in a hotel room by myself.
  4. give away awesome books to promote a Christian book publishing company.
  5. learn how to use this blog intentionally to glorify Christ, to bless others, and to bless my family.
  6. wear cool clothes to promote a local mom-owned clothing line.
  7. see my long distant best mommy buddy, TFlo.
  8. sleep in a king sized bed all by myself.
  9. meet my MOB Society and MOD Squad sisters.
  10. help Kristen raise money for The Mercy House.  

happy birthday to me, right!?
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i have more than i could ever ask for, and i thank God every day for His continuous blessings. in lieu of gifts, please make a donation to Gorbella's Nonprofit Organization or The Mercy House.