Monday, September 13, 2010

miracle menu

yesterday BigGirl accompanied me on my weekly grocery trip. {voluntarily!} she is such a good helper, holding my list and reminding me {constantly} what kind of ice cream she likes. as i was loading my bags of groceries into our buggy at the checkout counter, BigGirl, who was dancing around in her own little world, stopped and looked at what i was doing. "you got A TON of groceries, Mom!" she said, as though she didn't just spend the past 90 minutes with me picking out those groceries. maybe it looks like more when they're in bags? i just nodded. it did look like a lot. it always does. until i get it home and put it all away. somehow, the fridge still looks empty and the pantry bare. but miraculously, Mom always manages to make a meal out of "nothing."

here is my Miracle Menu this week:
Monday: lasagna
Tuesday: lime cilantro tilapia and rice pilaf
Wednesday: chicken veggie quesadillas
Thursday: grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup
Friday: BBQ chicken coke crock
Saturday: turkey burger sliders
Sunday: breakfast for dinner/leftovers

what miracles are you performing at meal time this week? 

for inspiration and to link up,'s Menu Planning Monday is my go-to. she is a miracle worker when it comes to life organization! happy menu planning!