Monday, September 13, 2010

Hip Mommy of 2

my beautiful Mom was in town last week and got to go to MOPS with me for the very first time. hanging out with my Mom AND my Mommy friends? i was on cloud 9. 

me and my mom

but also? i was rockin' a super cute outfit evenifidosaysomyself. 

me and one of my bestests mommy friends.
i just LOVE that shirt! it's from and it is so appropriate. i could wear it every single day. {but don't worry, i won't}. it's cute, comfortable, trendy, goes with practically everything (isn't it great with that skirt!?), and it makes me feel very *hip*. it's my new favorite.

HipTogether is a local mom-owned business and they make custom, trendy clothing for little girls and boys, tweens, and hip Moms {like me}. get your own "Mommy of" burnout tee at Aspirations in Mansfield or online at