Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Summer Bag Essentials

In the beginning of my first summer as a Mom, I won in a raffle an oversized beach bag filled with little pool toys. I've been using the same bag every summer since. It's the perfect bag- it was the perfect prize. It's big and bright, it's sturdy, it holds everything we need for our summer outings, and it is resistant to water and sand! It'll hold as many as 4 beach towels AND Bubba's floaty thing. My Summer Bag is always stocked with 10 of the same essentials every summer. When we're getting ready to go to the pool, playground or beach, I throw in a few things- like snacks and water, a change of clothes for the kids, the book I'm reading, waterpark passes, my MOPS playdate calendar, etc.- and we're SET!

Summer Bag Essentials
1. sunscreen for the kids
2. sunscreen for Mama & Daddy
3. swim diapers
4. homemade ear drops
5. extra pairs of goggles & sunglasses 
6. bandaids
7. wet wipes
8. mosquito repellant
9. small coin purse with loose change
10. hand sanitizer

What's in YOUR Summer Bag?
OhAmanda hosts Top Ten Tuesday and I love her for it!

photo by neloqua