Monday, May 31, 2010

thank you, always

it's a long weekend. lots of sunshine, sales, friends, and BBQ'ing. red, white, and blue, and American pride.

this morning as i sipped my cup of coffee, i glanced down to see it's a mug from my trip to NYC 12 years ago. it's from a souvinere shop, probably one at La Guardia airport. when i'm holding the mug, right where my thumb touches the side, is a picture of the former World Trade Center.

i remember. i know that there are men and women still bravely fighting for this country. and i am painfully aware that many have already lost their lives in the fight.

my dad, my stepfather, both of my grandfathers, my father-in-law, and my husband's grandfathers all served in the military. they all got to come home.

but i don't take that for granted, ever. i know it doesn't always happen that way. every time i see a man or woman in uniform, or even a bumper sticker boasting "My Son is A Marine," my heart both swells with pride and aches in pain. the sacrifices families make to keep America safe is heroic beyond description.

i thank God for you, our brave soldiers. Thank You, Always.