Friday, March 12, 2010

changing diapers: accessories

you know what it's like when you are just starting a new hobby and you're learning so much about the things you need to really get into it? for instance, if you're a scrapbooker {scrapper?}, you start with a stack of pretty paper and maybe a few pairs of fancy scissors. and then you want a punch or two, maybe you want some stamps. and after a while you think you need some special markers and assorted glitters. you save up for a Sizzix and a Cricut. and then you discover Creative Memories and Stampin Up you go completely nuts. just for instance.

cloth diapering is kinda like that.

it started with the diapers, the covers and the inserts. and then i had to have cloth wipes and solution, of course. next i realized i needed a wet bag. or three. just in case. and i had to have odor remover spray, you know. one thing is leading to the other and now i have this list:

Diapering Accessories I Want Need

1. Snappis. the alternative to big safety pins your grandma used. need them.
2. Big Safety Pins. there's something very retro-adorable about a baby in a pinned diaper.
3. Diaper Pail Liner. for transporting soiled cloth to the laundry room.
4. Diaper Pail Freshener. smell-good insert for #3.
5. Diaper Duck. this thing was invented by a mom like me.

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