Monday, February 01, 2010

a red light green light day

green lights are the popular ones. especially if we're in a hurry. usually we smile when the light is green as we approach the next intersection. 

but how many times have you wanted a red light? how many times do you tap the brakes a little bit hoping the green light will turn yellow, then red, before you get to it? (or is it just me?)

have you ever been driving around, running errands with your kids, on a busy weekday, trying to get it all done before naptime, wanting a red light but all the lights along the way are green? that's what i call a red light green light day.

and today was one of them.

i needed a red light. i wanted to stop.

but not just at the stoplight. i want to stop everything. it's been so busy and hectic around here i just need a little break. silence. stillness. a chance to look around, gather my thoughts and get things back in order. i need a red light.

there are plenty of days when things don't go my way. like today. calling today a "red light green light day" is my rose-colored glasses way of saying "it's been a heck of a bad day and Mama needs a time out."

i just need to slow down, sip my tea, and chill out.

and tomorrow i'll be happy to have green lights all the way.