Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keepsake Fall Craft

so far this fall, this is my favorite piece of kid art. it was so easy, and yet it kept BigGirl busy for a good 30 minutes. it's beautiful- i love that her tiny hand is the tree trunk and her fingerprints are the leaves. that's what makes it a keepsake!

we used construction paper for both the trunk (brown) and the tree (green). we glued the brown tree trunk hand cut-out onto the green circle, then used orange, green, brown, and yellow tempra paint and to fingerpaint "leaves" on the tree.

do you have any fall crafts for kids to share? there's still a week left 'til Thanksgiving...get crafty! it's Thirsty Thursday at FiveJs, where we're sharing ideas to satisfy our kids' thirst for knowledge.