Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I {heart} Leg Huggers GIVEAWAY

last month, i was asked by Agoo to test and review a new Leg Huggers design. i was giddy when i saw them in my mailbox the day they came. giddy!

we got the "Raining Tulips" design. so cool since tulips are my favorite flower! these things are so stinkin cute, and even though Leg Huggers are typically worn by babies and toddlers, i couldn't wait to put them on BigGirl.

i had just the occassion in mind: the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that we were going to in Austin, Texas. everyone would be dressed in pink and these were perfect.

but BigGirl couldn't wait either!

so even though i didn't want her new Leg Huggers to get dirty, i didn't say no when she wanted to wear them to soccer practice. it was a breezy fall night and the mosquitos were out in full force.

the Leg Huggers provided 1-warmth, 2-protection from bug bites, 3-extra cuteness.

they helped her hop higher, too.

i didn't want to wash them. i've washed leggings and tights before only to find them shrunken and unravelled when they come out of the dryer. but i had to wash them...they smelled like soccer practice.

thankfully, the Leg Huggers, made of 100% sustainable Bamboo, washed beautifully. the pretty little flower design didn't fade, the shape didn't change, nothing unravelled, and they were as good as new. and smelled fresh again.

she wore them at the Race for the Cure under her pink tu-tu. everyone told her she was adorable, and i think the Leg Huggers contributed to that factor. it was way better than tights or leggings because she could dress and undress herself and didn't need any extra help going potty. which i was especially thankful for because there was no way i was going into the Port-A-Potty with her.

i loved my {our} Leg Huggers experience and i certainly think they're well worth the $10. Leg Huggers are environmentally friendly, high quality, practical, adorable, easy, affordable, and it makes this Mama happy to see they even have designs for boys.

Agoo Apparel Inc is offering my readers the chance to win a pair of Leg Huggers!

to enter to win, become a fan on Leg Hugger's Facebook Page here: 
leave a comment here telling me that you are a fan of Leg Huggers by Friday 11/12. and i will announce the winner on Saturday 11/13.