Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Introducing the States

BigGirl's one and only and favorite puzzle on her bookshelf is a wooden puzzle map of the United States.

[my mom always says "good thing she's cute because she is such a nerd!" she IS NOT a nerd. she's just very smart for her age. and yes, super cute to boot.]


BigGirl LOVES that puzzle. and she knows where all the states go and she knows most of the state names. when we work that puzzle, we talk about state capitals, state mottos or nicknames, flowers, trees, birds, food product, and landmarks of the states.

she knows the names and locations of her birthplace (CO), where we live (TX), where both Aunt Sara (CA) and Aunt Jamie (GA) live, and where both of her Great Grandma's live (FL and MN). she knows where Hannah Montana came from (TN).

when it came time to delve a little deeper into the states, i found these resources to quench her thirst for knowledge:

1. Usborne Children's Picture Atlas

2. The 50 States Fast-Fact Book Level 3 (Target $1 section find! Score!)

3. Fifty States Under God by Joy Dean

4. BigGirl's favorite wooden puzzle map of the US

5. US Landmark flashcards (Another Target $1 section find!)

6. Wall map of the United States with capitals and major cities

7. Crayola United States coloring pages and printable flashcards (free)

8. Quick & printable state facts at

9. Official state websites, some of them have section with educational activities for kids. My favorite of course is Texas.

10. has a list of official state websites with links for kids.
what other resources do you use to teach about the 50 states? share your homeschool / educational tips at FiveJ's Thirsty Thursday, where we work together to raise life long learners!