Friday, October 09, 2009

HAPPYBABY giveaway & Prelude Winners


i love starting the day out by announcing a winner! congratulations to EMILY at everydayMOM! she wins a copy of Sisterlisa's book "Prelude to a Blog: a Homeschool's Mom Guide for Getting Your Child Started in Blogging" Emily, you will be hearing from Sisterlisa soon with your FREE copy of her book.

i also love starting the day out by giving yall another chance to win something awesome.

i have in my pretty little hands a copy of the new New Mommy Bible. ok, that's not the official title, but i don't see why not. it's actually "HAPPYBABY: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months" by Robert W. Sears, MD. that's right, the Dr. Sears. so now you see why i call it the New Mommy Bible, right?

and...i'm giving it away. to you. IF you do me a favor. [and IF you're the lucky one chosen randomly by] [but there's something for everyone...keep reading]

here's what i need you to do. you see, HAPPYBABY was picked out of 4,000 entries as one of three finalists in the Shine A Light contest by the bigwigs at AMEX & NBC Universal. HAPPYBABY was nominated for their commitment to innovation, customer service, and dedication to improving local and global communities.

the finalist with the most votes will receive $100,000 from American Express in grant money and marketing support.

can you imagine? this is a company that was launched by 2 women on Mother's Day 2006 on a mission to make baby food as healthy and delicious as homemade with the essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and development. allergen friendly. 100% natural and organic ingredients.

please, please, please support HAPPYBABY.

1. vote now. vote here. [requires a simple registration process]

2. after you vote, leave a comment telling me that you did and you will be entered to win "HAPPYBABY: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months" by Robert W. Sears, MD.

3. tweet this post and leave another comment telling me that you did.

4. encourage others to vote for HAPPYBABY on your blog, linking also to mine, and leave another comment telling me that you did.

then, watch the inspiring video about HAPPYBABY.

a winner of this giveaway will be chosen on Oct 16 and notified via e-mail. and when HAPPYBABY wins the Shine A Light contest i will personally mail everyone of yall who voted, tweeted, and blogged about it a coupon for FREE HAPPYBABY. it's a win-win.


disclaimer: i am the Dallas-Ft Worth Community Marketing Specialist for HAPPYBABY, which allows me the opportunity to give these awesome prizes away.