Friday, August 21, 2009

what i'm doing

i had such a wonderful week. until i have more time to write a recap, and because i just know you're interested, here is what i'm...

making: lesson plans for next week.
cooking: blueberry muffins and mimosas for friends in the morning.
drinking: my almost gone Chik-Fil-A half-sweet iced tea.
reading: misc. magazines and catalogs on my bedside table.
wanting: a bunch of kitchenwares from Pampered Chef. but i can't find a *nice* local consultant. looking: at hubby's paper mountain that is his in box.
playing: KLTY on my homeschool gadget toolbar.
wasting: as little as possible with our recycling system.
wishing: that i had fresh dill and fresh garlic to pickle hubby's okra.
enjoying: homeschooling Big Girl.
waiting: for big money [relationships] for Gorbella's from corporate sponsors.
liking: Bubba's long nap = the opportunity to clean my floors in peace.
wondering: if Hawaiian Falls admission is discounted after a certain time of day.
loving: my new black summer dress.
hoping: hubby has good bonding time with Grandpa Hall tonight.
marvelling: at how good God is...always.
hearing: Bubba and Big Girl squealing, laughing, playing in a pretend bath, blowing and popping bubbles.
needing: chocolate, in a brownie or cake form.
smelling: lavender Mrs. Meyers all-purpose cleaner on my freshly mopped floors.
wearing: my new right hand ring.
following: some encouraging friends on Twitter.
noticing: the backyard needs to be tidy'd up.
knowing: that just because it's tax-free weekend doesn't really mean it's a great bargain.
using: the bubble photo from this Flickr user, with thanks.
: about going to our friend's church this weekend.
feeling: good and productive.
bookmarking: this site for anytime (in)couragement.
opening: Gorbella's, soon. i just know it.
giggling: at Big Girl's story about the night Bubba was born. her perspective is precious. i must remember to tell hubby!