Saturday, August 22, 2009

that night

the hospital where Bubba was born nearly 14 months ago is just a few miles from our house. we drive by it several times a week. and every time we do, i gaze up at what i think is the window to what was my L&D room where miracles occurred in my midst that night Bubba was born. as we pass by, i remember the details that only a mother could remember. for just a few moments, quietly to myself, i re-live that night.

i had no idea that Big Girl did, too.

we were at a stoplight right in front of the hospital. i said, mostly to myself, "there's the hospital where Bubba was born." and just like me, Big Girl looked up at the window, took a deep breath, and seemed to drift off into a far away daydream.

and then, to my utmost delight, she daydreamed outloud:

"i was at home with Grandma and Granny. we were snuggled up watching TV. but not cartoons. it was night-time, and i was in my jammies already. and then it was time to go see the baby! i was excited to see the baby. we called you on the phone, that's how we knew the baby was here. i had to get dressed! i was in my jammies because it was night-time. i had to wear my new pink Big Sister shirt. and my crocs. can you believe that i was wearing crocs that night? the same kind of pink crocs that i'm wearing today? that is so crazy! Bubba was soooo tiny and red. i was thinking, 'why was he so red?' new babies are always red."

i had never heard her version of that night; i wanted to hear more. but the light turned green. the hospital was out of sight. the moment passed.

i will forever remember that night, and, thankfully, so will she.