Sunday, July 05, 2009

can i cry?

can i cry? because i really want to.

my baby is turning one this week.

he has been nothing but a joy and a delight. he has made our family complete. he is such a blessing; he is everything we prayed for and more. he smiles from his heart, and it melts mine every time. he is such a happy little guy. growing and changing right before our eyes every day. so smart, so handsome, so sweet, and so funny!
he's goofy like his daddy, sweet like his mama, and silly like his sister, but very different in his own special way. he's perfectly Joshua. my little package of handsomeness. my little bundle of boy. unique. doing things his own way. wonderfully made by God.

nothing compares to his hugs, or the way he curls up in my lap like he wants to crawl back in, or the look on his face when he figures something out, or the way he follows and plays with his sister- he adores her! and that laugh...his deep, little boy belly-laugh is the best.
i love him to pieces. thank you God, for our little Bubba.

i'm sad that my baby is growing up. and i'm happy that my baby is growing up.

so, i'm just going to cry now.

i love you, Bubba. happy birthday. xoxo-mama