Saturday, March 21, 2009

Show-n-Tell Saturday: Ducks at The Oasis

i need to do an all-in-one wrap-up update again, but part of my recap is still too painful to put into words.

so instead, let's play Show-n-Tell!

Show-n-Tell was my 2nd to least favorite part of school* because i'm actually really shy and not comfortable talking about myself. (Big Girl is a like me in that way.) but since we're not sitting at circle time and there aren't a dozen little faces staring at me with great expectations, Show-n-Tell isn't so scary now.

here is my Show-n-Tell for today:

that's Bubba, Big Girl & Daddy Hall feeding the ducks at The Oasis restaurant on Joe Pool Lake. we love going to The Oasis for dinner on warm, breezy nights. they have a semi-screened in patio in the harbor where we like to sit and watch the boats come and go while we eat. it's not the best food or service, but the atmosphere totally makes up for it. it's loud, airy, family friendly, and very come-as-you-are. even if you just got off your boat, you're in your swim trunks, and you have hot pink Zinka on your face.

after dinner, we take our left overs to the cove and feed the ducks and fish. i prefer to feed the ducks. even though lots of people go to The Oasis to feed the ducks, there are always plenty of hungry ducks happy to finish off our soggy french fries. the fish are a "junk" fish, ridiculously humongous, and there must be hundreds, no thousands of them. so many fish it's gross. but the ducks are cool.

ok, i didn't mean for my Show-n-Tell to become a restaurant review, but whatever. :) *and for those of you wondering, my absolute least favorite part of school was PE. i'm just not very sporty.