Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I forgot to menu plan this week. Just up and forgot. Or maybe I subconsciously thought I didn't need to menu plan since I've been doing so good I just thought it would come naturally. Well, it doesn't. I'm totaly winging it. I've got ground turkey cooking on the stove with no plan for it. 30 minutes to pull something together!

2. Walked in my daughters room and caught her singing to herself in the mirror. "...it's a love story baby just say yes!" Cutest thing ever. She had a pretend headset on, butterfly wings, fairy tutu, star-shaped sunglasses, and ballet shoes. I'll post a picture after dinner.

3. We're there: the age of the throw everything on the floor game. Bubba thinks it's just hilarious to see mama fetch. I don't think it's as funny.

4. My pre-Bubba jeans fit. Life is good.

5. I am being more careful not to drive distracted. And by distracted I mean while texting, emailing, reading blogs, updating my Facebook status, or Tweeting. I figured out the best way for me to focus on driving is to find a good radio station or CD and rock out. Because even chatting with Big Girl - little Miss 1000 questions - is distracting. Too many times I've taken my eyes off the road to answer her 'Mama what's that?'

6. Currently reading Love and Respect. Yeah that's right: reading! An actual book! That isn't an easy reader level K or a board book with Lift-A-Flaps! And I'm able to do so because...

7. Bubba is sleeping through the night in his room. Everything about that sentence is awesome. It's about darm time! After 7 months of practically no sleep, I hit rock bottom and tried the dreaded CIO method. Turns out Bubba is a really good sleeper in his own space, and he only cries for like 7 minutes before he nods off into a blissful 8-9 hour journey into dreamland. Mama got her nights back! Is this what Stella felt like when she got her groove back? Probably.

8. I'm so glad the Bachelor is over and I never want to hear about Ja-olly-issa ever again. Unless Jason dumps Molly for Stephanie or DeAnna. Because then I'll be owed some money. ;)

9. Please keep Larry in your prayers. I don't know many details but the cancer is in his bone marrow.

10. Got a fussy one. No time for number 10!