Friday, November 07, 2008

supermom's phone and printer needs

in case you were wondering, my new supermom superpower superweapon is my iphone. yes, it has a pink silicone cover, but don't be's no wimpy girly phone. this phone does {practically} everything...even manly stuff like GPS and sports tickers. my favorite app is Shazaam- for real- hold it up to the stereo speaker when any song is playing and it can tell you the title and artist and album that song was on. for real!

truly, it would be easier to list the functions this thing doesn't have, rather than rattle off what it does. for starters (and the actual first thing i *wished* it did) it doesn't print. can you imagine how cool it would be if there was a tiny little printer to hook up to the iphone?! come on, mr. steve jobs. i challenge you to come out with the iphone printer. you could call it the iprint. {oh i'm so clever.} when you have your prototype, mr. jobs, send it my way. i'll test it out for you.

speaking of printers, simplemom is giving away a fancy new Epson Artisan 800 printer which i, for one, would love to get my hands on. i could sure print some neato, colorful, artsy fartsy documents on that thing! it doesn't hook up to the iphone, but still very cool and a supermom musthave.