Saturday, June 08, 2013

praying for my life

a full-sized spiral notebook lay open on top of the dresser in our bedroom. there's a pen that stays there, too. it's my prayer journal. every day, i scribble a handful of prayer requests like healing for a sick friend, peace for someone's situation, wisdom for my husband's decision, provision for a project. every day, i read yesterday's scribbles and i pray for the needs of others.

prayer is a top priority in my life. yall know i believe in the power of prayer! somehow, though, it never even occurred to me to write my own needs in my own prayer journal. i am so blessed to be able to pray for others, and i usually "save" my personal prayer requests for after i prayed for my husband, my kids, our family members, our friends, our church, our community, and anyone or anything else on my heart.

and then i got my hands on this book: Praying God's Word for Your Life.

for my life! 

because yes- i need to make it a priority to pray for my needs, too! i should be praying not only for a situation, but also for my worry, concern, or frustration. not only for my husband, but also for my role in our marriage. not only for my children and their well-being, but also for me! not only for my co-workers, but also for my role in the workplace. not only for my friends, but for my relationship with each of them.

author Kathi Lipp (also wrote Praying God's Word for Your Husband which i reviewed here), offers simple suggestions for creating a habit of praying for our personal lives with renewed boldness, consistency, and expectation. the forward by Jen Hatmaker (one of my favorites!) is a beautiful testimony of God's promise to answer our prayers. each chapter addresses a specific area of my life where i might (will) need prayer at any given moment, with scripture and prayers especially for those areas. God addresses my life "issues" in His Word! and He wants us to use it in our prayers.

you know it's good when a book has several dog-earred pages!

i started reading Praying God's Word for Your Life straight through, chapter by chapter. and then one day, i was struggling to find the right words to pray for myself, so i flipped open the book right to the chapter on that specific need. i read the scriptures, prayed the prayers, and turned to my Bible to read and study further. Praying God's Word for Your Life is a great little book to have on hand in my quiet time.

God loves me and He wants me to pray. my prayers for my life are another way to build my relationship with Christ, to rely on His sovereignty, and to express my utmost gratitude.

get your hands on this book and be encouraged to pray God's Word for YOUR life!

Praying God's Word for Your Life is available June 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. i was provided a copy of the book at no charge for purposes of providing a review. the personal experiences and opinions are honestly my very own. affiliate links enclosed.