Tuesday, October 02, 2012

(in)couragement for you, Moms

hi Moms,

i'm {really} glad you're here. i have an invitation for you...

i'd like to invite you over to this new little space on the web, created just for you, where you can be your true, beautiful, transparent self. where your spirit will be lifted, your heart will be loved, your voice will be heard, and your story will be celebrated. where it's okay to not be perfect or if you're having a bad day. where we will encourage you deep down and remind you of who you are. where you will be welcomed with open arms and where prayer warriors await.

i want to invite you to join me and my dear friend Stefanie Brown in the UnMasking Motherhood Community, a quiet and safe place where Moms can be real and authentic without fear of judgement. come on over, say hello, take your mask off, and get comfortable. we've been praying for you.

by now you know my heart, and this {mamahall.com} is my home online. but i want to know your heart in this special online community.

click here to join us at the UnMasking Motherhood Community